As smart TVs become increasingly common, it’s easier than ever before to access streaming services such as Hulu and Hulu Plus. Hulu’s native TV apps run on a range of models from major brands, including Samsung, LG and Vizio. Not all models support the apps, though. As of late 2019, only Hulu on Vizio TV.

Quick access to Hulu Activate on vizio

Thinking about setting up Hulu may make you a bit nervous, but Vizio has made it super quick and straightforward. Since your TV comes with a remote control, it makes it even easier to get Hulu going with a few different options. Whether you have the quick access button on your remote or have the app pre-installed on your TV, you’ll be starting a new series in no time.

The Hulu button on your included remote is the quickest and easiest way to start streaming. Press the button, log into Hulu on Vizio TV, and you’re golden. If you don’t have the button, the TV should be set up with the icon available right on your main screen. Once you select the icon with your remote, you go through the login steps, and you’re ready to get started.

Downloading the app

Even though those quick access options are great, they may not be available on your TV. This means that you don’t have the app pre-installed, and you must download it. However, getting the app downloaded and ready to go is just a few quick steps.

Press the V button twice to launch the fullscreen apps window.

Scroll to the Hulu app and press it.

Click OK to install the app.

Sign in to your account.

Now that it’s installed and you’re logged in, you’re ready to enjoy your movies or shows. You can also use your Vizio TV with a built-in Chromecast to cast Hulu on your TV as well. With all this information, you should be all set to start enjoying the best that is offered to you with your Hulu service.

Alright y’all, I have seen a lot of posts about Hulu on Vizio TV lately and I wanted to give y’all a quick rundown on some things:


Vizio TVs with the basic VIA (vizio internet apps) do NOT support Hulu. You cannot get the classic app or the latest app on these TVs. Your best bet if you have one of these is to get a separate streaming device or cast your phone/computer.

Activate Hulu on VIZIO WITH VIA PLUS

Vizio TVs with vizio internet apps plus ONLY have classic hulu. This means that you CANNOT access live tv or premium add-ons. If you notice that your app is messing up constantly, uninstall and reinstall the app (this way you can update it). If the problem continues, be sure to let Hulu know so they can escalate the issue.

Hulu on Vizio TV


Vizio Smartcast TVs for Hulu do their apps in a completely different way than the standard smart tv. All of their apps are pulled from the cloud and broadcast to you that way. It’s much easier for app developers to bring you real-time updates, BUT sometimes the TV doesn’t do these updates automatically. Go to your settings, click system, then “check for updates.” Some problems found with the hulu app will be fixed this way. Again, if the problem continues, contact hulu so that they can escalate it.

Please, double check your vizio to make sure that it has VIA plus and not just VIA. there is a list here of vizio tv models that do not support hulu.

In order to carry out Hulu device activate, you will have to get a unique Hulu device activation code for your device. Suppose you’re activating a PC for viewing, you will have to enter the unique code for the PC by Hulu sign in online, and entering the code over there.

You can activate Hulu on smart TV the same way. Simply go to www Hulu com activate device activation code area in your Hulu online Account and get the unique Hulu device activation code. You can then enter hulu com activate code to any of your devices to start the Hulu service.Hopefully this helps with some people’s vizio issues

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